Stormwater News

Bioretention Inspection App

This smartphone or tablet based app follows the approach of our Bioretention Illustrated technical guide and walks the user step by step through the visual inspection process for a bioretention practice.
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Homeowner Stewardship TED Talk

Watch CSN Executive Director, Tom Schueler, in his very own 'TED' talk discussing "The Role of Homeowner Stewardship in Restoring Our Streams and the Bay"!
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Be Bay Friendly

The Grass Crop of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

It may surprise you, but lawns and turf grass is now the largest crop grown in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
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Chesapeake Stormwater Network

The Chesapeake Stormwater Network advocates for reform of federal, state and local laws, permits, regulations and design manuals to promote more sustainable stormwater management in the Chesapeake Bay.
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