[Webcast] TRUST BUT VERIFY: Urban BMP Verification in the Chesapeake Bay

Rich Batiuk, U.S. EPA, CBPO
Tom Schueler, Chesapeake Stormwater Network

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Do you struggle with how to verify all of the different stormwater and restoration practices your jurisdiction is implementing to meet the Bay TMDL? Are you confused as to what information you need to report, to whom and when? Would you like an opportunity to discuss verification procedures and protocols with the brains behind the verification committee’s guidance document? Then join us for TRUST BUT VERIFY

Getting Ready for the New Era of Urban BMP Verification in the Chesapeake Bay where we will provide local governments and the private sector the bottom line on how implementation of verification will impact practice and why it is so badly needed in order to meet the Bay TMDL. Some of the things we will cover include: the need for verification, the genesis of verification, a review of the the Chesapeake Bay Program‘s Urban BMP Verification Committee‘s Urban BMP Verification Principles (download below), what verification IS NOT and finally, some of the tools and resources that exist to help you accomplish verification of stormwater BMPs.


The MS4 Implementers and the Bay TMDL webcast series is geared toward local government staff, consultants and state agency staff that have primary responsibility to find, design and build the green infrastructure and urban restoration practices needed to comply with the Bay TMDL and their MS4 permits. The training objective is to help them master the art and science of nutrient accounting and provide them with planning and design tools so that they can cost-effectively achieve urban sector load reductions under their local or state WIPs.


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