Urban BMP Fact Sheets

Urban BMP Fact Sheets simplify the Expert Panel reports to “Just the Facts”

One thing we have heard over and over again here at CSN is that these Urban BMP Expert Panel reports are just too darn complex! Local governments just want to know: what is this new BMP, how is it applied and what sort of information will I need to collect and report in order to get credit towards my Chesapeake Bay load reductions?? So we answered the call for “Just the Facts Ma’am” and have produced a set of “Urban BMP Fact Sheets” which simplify what’s in the expert panel reports and combine it with some real-world practical knowledge that small MS4s or their consultants can use to put together a good, cost-effective and achievable plan for meeting their restoration goals.

Below are the first set of the fact sheets. We created a Chesapeake Bay-wide version which can be accessed below and whenever possible worked in conjunction with the Bay states to create state-specific versions.

So far, we have developed one Fact Sheet for each of the following approved Urban BMPs: Urban Stormwater Retrofits, Stormwater Practices for New and Redevelopment Projects, Residential Stewardship Practices, Urban Stream Restoration and Urban Nutrient Management. Later this year we will be producing another set to address other approved or soon-to-be approved Urban BMPs (Enhanced Erosion and Control, Septic System Upgrades, Nutrient Discharges from Grey Infrastructure, Tidal Shoreline Management…and more!) so stay tuned.

For now, the Fact Sheets will live on our website right here but over time our goal is to create a portal specific to the Chesapeake Bay MS4 community where these and other relevant guidance documents can be accessed.