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Network communication from October 27, 2016

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Spooky Stormwater Updates

Got it right that time - phew. Are you all gearing up for a big weekend? Hay-rides, pumpkin patches, costume parades or shooting zombies with paintball? 

I know that if I survive the zombie apocalypse then I am looking forward to sneaking my kid's leftover candy into the office where I will proceed to binge and then crash from the sugar high - should be a very productive week -- in terms of eating candy and killing zombies that is. 

Anyway, onto the stormwater... this email contains a few notes about the remaining webcasts we will be offering this year as well as an update on the 2017 Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award contest! (cue the music) 

We hope you will join us for a webcast and/or consider submitting a project to this year's award contest.



Upcoming Webcasts

Not sure if you were there but last week we offered a fantastic webcast on The Potential to Enhance Nutrient Removal in Bioretention and Sand Filters...if you couldn't attend live then you should definitely check it out when you get a chance. 

Next week on Thursday, November 6, we will have a webcast on our newly developed Pond Protocol for visually assessing the dam safety and water quality functions of ponds and determine if critical repairs are needed to maintain them. 

Then two weeks after that, on November 17, we will be discussing the recently approved urban BMP Urban Tree Canopy and Forest Planting.

Finally, on Thursday, December 8, we will be offering the second part in our three part  "PEDs for BMPs" webcast series on Other Perspectives on Research on LID Performance Enhancement which will allow some of the top researchers in the field to share some of their thoughts and perspectives on BMP enhancement design and the potential for a higher credit in the Bay watershed - a strong finish to another excellent webcast season!

Hope to see you there!

To register for any of these webcasts go here: 

Archived Webcasts

Are you aware of the other webcasts we have offered this year? We just pulled the statistics on downloads and the most watched included Achieving Citizen Stewardship: A Primer to the Index, which is a tool created to establish a baseline from which a local jurisdiction can guide their efforts and measure progress for meeting their education and outreach goals and requirements.

Bioretention Illustrated! - always a favorite - based off of the visual indicators approach CSN developed for bioretention and other LID practices back in 2013 which allow for rapid inspection and assessment of the functionality of Low Impact Development practices.

Other popular webcasts offered this year include those on newly approved crediting techniques for meeting the Bay TMDL such as: 
In case you are interested the most popular webcasts of 2015 are:

Coming in at first place is our webcast on tracking down illicit discharges in the storm drain system: Discharge Detectives: Finding Sources of High Nutrient Discharges in the Storm Drain System.

Followed next by maintenance tasks for an unruly bioretention practice - Bioretention Maintenance: In the Trenches.

And tied for third place are Nutrient Discharges from Grey Infrastructure (or how to get Bay TMDL credit for your IDDE program) and Where are the Urban Nutrients Coming From? - which is on exactly that: what are the sources of all these nutrients in urban stormwater and where is it best for us to put our efforts for reducing or controlling them?

You can check out all these and more at our archived webcast library here -->

Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award 2017

It's time! The 2017 BUBBAs are here!! The contest will open next week on November 1. This year we will even have some new categories that may peak your interest and get you grooming those BMP inventories.

Find out more about this year's contest on the BUBBAs homepage here.

In case you are new to our network or are just interested in learning more about the contest, we have done a number of webcasts on the BUBBAs and past winners of the contest. Here they are in case you'd like to check them out:
For more information on the 2017 BUBBAs contest, check out the contest webpage here --> 


We'd like to thank the sponsors of this year's BUBBA contest. Without them this year's contest would not have been possible and they are totally rad. Thanks guys!!

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