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Network communication from November 16, 2016

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Hi Stormwater Smartypants,

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? Food, libations, friends, laughs, family members -  UGH, all those family members and I am sure they won't be discussing politics at all (MAJOR EYEROLL).

Anyway, we're not there yet, still a week to go so for now, let's just focus on stormwater issues. Please take a look through our email to learn about our last two webcasts of the year and to find out about how you can win $5,000 buckaroos ! 

Finally, please read below for a personal message from the Chesapeake Stormwater Network.

Keep managing that stormwater!


Win $5,000 Big Ones!

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The 2017 Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award (BUBBA) is now open! The BUBBAs aims to recognize the best urban BMPs installed in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. We have 8 different categories, four of which are new this year: 
  1. Best Habitat Creation in an Urban BMPBUBBA 2
  2. Best Residential BMP
  3. Best Stream Restoration Project
  4. Best Ultra-Urban BMP
  5. Best Retrofit - NEW!
  6. Best Education and Outreach Program NEW!
  7. Best Industrial Site in the Bay NEW!
  8. Best Maintained BMP NEW!
To learn more about each category, check out our 2017 BUBBAs description document and get ready to submit your project!


New to CSN or not sure what we are talking about -- check out past year winners.

Contest closes January 6, 2017

Visit the BUBBAs

Thank You!

We Love our Reviewers!

We've got a fantabulous review committee this year. Look at all these peeps with loads of stormwater experience that will be reviewing your projects! A big shout-out to all of them for pitching in and keeping this contest going for yet another year. You guys rock! You complete us....no, seriously, you do.

We Love our Sponsors Too!

As always, a big THANK YOU to our sponsors of this year's contest. Please click on their logos and check out the services their companies offer. 
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Last 2 Webcasts of the Year!

2016 Webcasts

There are just two remaining webcasts in this year's series. 

Nov. 18: (this Thursday!!) Urban Tree Canopy and Forest Planting: this webcast will cover the newly approved (and updated) credit for urban tree planting. This urban BMP has been around for a while but just recently it was revisited by an expert review panel to refine the qualifying conditions and the crediting options. 

Dec. 8: Other Perspectives on Research on LID Performance Enhancement: building off of the webcast we did a few weeks back on design modifications to enhance nutrient removal in bioretention and sand filters, this webcast is a roundtable of sorts with some of the key researchers in the field of BMP monitoring and their perspectives on enhanced nutrient removal. Ultimately the goal is to determine whether there is enough data to support a greater credit at CBP.  

As always, our webcasts are offered free of charge but advanced registration is required. You can register at the links above or below. 

A Personal Message from CSN

Fellow CSNers,

It’s with a gentle sad face that I must share with you my decision to leave my position at the Chesapeake Stormwater Network. My last day of work will be this Friday, November 18. This was clearly a very difficult decision to make.

It’s hard to believe that I joined CSN almost five years ago back when the Network was a mere 1,200 people, today we are at a whopping 9,500!! During that time, I have worked hard to grow the Network and your trust so that CSN could become your one stop shop for all stormwater stuff. I have even attempted to make you laugh once or twice - not sure if that came across in this medium. 

In all seriousness, I'd like to thank you all for the experience that I have gotten here, experience that I'll take with me and count on in this next chapter - one that brings some new and exciting challenges working in local government.

I’m excited about my future there while I continue to be excited about all the things you’ll continue to accomplish here. I will miss everything about CSN but most importantly you, our Network, which I have become quite fond of over the years. I will miss all the ways we interact with each other from emails, to surveys, webcasts and crazy concocted stormwater contests. Take care of yourselves and keep fighting to manage that runoff!

Forever your Watershed Gal,

~Cecilia Lane

A Note from Tom

Really delighted to hear about Cecilia's new career endeavor and I am glad that it involves working to put actual things in the ground! 

In the 5 years that Cecilia has been here, she has been responsible for the rapid growth of the CSN network, great stormwater training, the excellent quality of our webcasts and website and many other amazing things as well. It has been a real privilege to work with her and witness the profound impact she has had in bringing the Chesapeake Bay stormwater community together to solve stormwater problems, and have a lot of fun while doing it. Huzzah, Huzzah! 

Cecilia will be leaving CSN on Friday, November 18, but she has done a really great on the transition end and crafted a good roadmap for moving forward over the next few months. So look for a lot of news on the 2017 BUBBAs contest, Bay-wide Stormwater Retreat and other initiatives soon!  We will all miss her, but wish her the best and know that she will always be part of our network of stormwater geeks!

- Tom Schueler, CSN


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