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Network Communication from January 23, 2017

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Super Sunday Stormwater News:
Hi CSNer,

Well, the teams are set for Super Bowl Sunday! How are you feeling about the matchup? If you’re anything like the two Ravens fans at CSN, you’re probably thinking things like, “Is there a chance Matt Ryan is actually more elite than Joe Flacco?” and “At least it isn’t the Steelers…”

Anyways, with the football season rapidly coming to an end, I’m sure you’re all looking for cool, stormwater-related ways to fill the time. Good news! This month’s newsletter is chocked full of great reading material and news about our upcoming “User’s Guide to Urban BMPs” webcast. Enjoy!



Webcast News: REGISTER NOW!

User’s Guide to Urban BMPs in the Chesapeake Bay

When? Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 1:00 pm EST - 5:00 pm EST
Cost: FREE

Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Come learn about the best practices to protect local streams and the Chesapeake Bay! This extended webcast will cover a wide range of topics in order to provide a comprehensive overview of how to achieve cost-effective pollutant reductions by finding the practices that work best in your community.

The webcast will teach the essentials of stormwater retrofits, stream restoration, urban nutrient management, tree canopy, street cleaning, runoff reduction and stormwater treatment practices, fixing illicit discharges and more!

Please join us!

What's on CSN's Reading List?

The Pond Protocols

Stormwater ponds comprise a majority of the area treated by the local stormwater BMP inventory, and managing these legacy stormwater ponds can be a challenging and costly effort for many local governments. The Pond Protocols provide a framework for rapidly inspecting stormwater ponds using rapid visual indicators to assess dam safety and water quality functions in both wet and dry ponds and establish numeric criteria that trigger critical pond repairs or retrofits.


“A must-read! You’ll want to inspect every page over and over again”- David Wood, CSN critic

Not much of a reader? No problem! Check out our webcast!


Removal of Toxic Contaminants in the Bay Watershed (Parts 1 and 2)

A two-part technical synthesis that investigates the potential toxic contaminant reduction benefits that could be associated with the implementation of BMPs under the Bay TMDL and provides water resource managers with better BMP data to develop more effective strategies to control toxic pollutants in the watershed. Part 1 is focused on stormwater BMPs and their potential to remove urban toxic contaminants, whereas Part 2 examines how toxic contaminants are influenced by the agricultural and wastewater sectors in the Chesapeake Bay.


“Breathtaking and poignant. The best series to hit the shelves since Harry Potter!” – David Wood, CSN critic

Not much of a reader? No problem! Check out our webcast!

BUBBAs Update!

The 2017 is shaping up to be a standout year for the Best Urban BMP in the Bay Awards. We had over 50 projects submitted across the eight categories! Thank you so much to everyone who participated.

Projects are now under review by our esteemed jurors, so be on the lookout for the finalists to see the list of finalists and find out how to vote!

As always, a big THANK YOU to our sponsors of this year's contest. Please click on their logos and check out the services their companies offer. 

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New Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Technique Approved!


During their January 9th meeting, the Water Quality Goal Implementation Team endorsed the Urban Stormwater Workgroup’s proposal to include Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control (CMAC) technologies as a retrofit option for crediting under the Chesapeake Bay TMDL framework.

The technique utilizes sensors to make real time weather forecasts to make automated decisions to actively manage stormwater storage and flows within existing stormwater ponds to improve their pollutant removal performance. CMAC directly maps into two currently approved stormwater retrofit categories: (1) enhancement of existing BMPs or, (2) conversion of existing BMPs.

For more information on CMAC technologies, you can check out the proposal that was approved by the USWG.


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