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Network Communications from May 24, 2017

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Chesapeake Stormwater Network
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  • PEDs for BMPs
  • Inspection and Maintenance Resources
  • RiverSmart Communities Applications
  • CBLP Registration
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Hi CSNers! 

Earlier this month, we took a stroll down stormwater Easy Street to share our BMP fact sheets and User’s Guide resources. In today’s newsletter, we’re going to turn onto Inspection and Maintenance Avenue, then take a scenic detour down BMP Enhancement Drive.  

We have a brand-new report on Performance Enhancing Devices for BMPs (we’ve never knowingly used the other kind of PEDs here at CSN). We also have some cool announcements from our partners across the watershed in this edition. Check it out!



New Report: Performance Enhancing Devices for Stormwater BMPs

CSN has partnered with the Center for Watershed Protection and Hirschman Water and Environment LLC to review the capability of performance enhancing devices (PEDs) to increase nitrogen and phosphorus removal in bioretention, sand filters and other low impact development (LID) practices.

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The report summarizes the findings of an extensive literature review of several common PED strategies and recommends options for potentially crediting PEDs by adapting existing Chesapeake Bay nutrient reduction protocols.

The report can be downloaded below, or feel free to check out our two webcasts on the topic from 2016:

Inspection and Maintenance Resources

A key component of sustainable stormwater management is ensuring that the practices we are claiming for pollutant reduction credit in the Bay actually exist, are working as intended, and are maintained properly over their design life. This may sound like a daunting task, but CSN is here to help!

We have 6 webcasts dedicated to BMP inspection and maintenance!

We also have easy-to-use guides on how visual indicators can help rapidly inspect some of your most prevalent stormwater BMPs:

RiverSmart Communities Applications Now Open!

RiverSmart Communities is one of the District's sustainability programs designed to support residents to take action to reduce polluted runoff that flows into the Anacostia River and then into Chesapeake Bay. The program awards funding to BMP implementation projects such as Bayscapes, rain gardens and permeable pavers.

Deadline for applications: 6/19/2017

Who can apply:  501(c)(3) nonprofits and religious institutions in DC

To apply: Click Here and email your application to 

Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Training

The Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professionals (CBLP) Program has just completed their pilot certification program, and has certified over 100 CBLPs across the watershed who are now ready to provide green infrastructure services!

To build upon that success, registration is now open for this summer, all across MD, VA and PA! As an added bonus, CBLP is offering a 10% discount on training and certification fees if a locality, company, or institution register 3 or more staff for certification.

To learn more, visit their website:

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