[Webcast] Effective Program Showcase: DOEE’s RiverSmart Program


Lauren Linville, DOEE

Trinh Doan, DOEE

Andrew Oetman, DOEE

Cecilia Lane, DOEE

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We always love it when we have the opportunity to share the great work being done by our fellow stormwater geeks. In this webcast, we will be featuring DOEE’s RiverSmart Program to showcase how this District-wide incentive program is leading to cleaner waters, improved habitat and beautiful properties.




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Webcast Resources

Download “DOEE RiverSmart Program: Presentation Slides” DOEE-Riversmart-Program_9.28.17_final.pdf – Downloaded 49 times – 9 MB

Download “DOEE RiverSmart Homes Research Final Report” DDOE-CloseOutMemo-06232015.pdf – Downloaded 43 times – 358 KB

Download “RiverSmart Homes Rain Garden Maintenance Study” LAF-RiverSmart-Summary-Findings-and-Recommendations.pdf – Downloaded 45 times – 67 KB