Tree Planting

planting-a-treePlanting native trees and shrubs to restore a portion of your property to forested conditions is good for your property values, good for native wildlife, good for your local watershed and good for the Bay:

  • Landscaping can add 10 to 20 percent more value to a property – especially landscaping that incorporates mature trees.
  • Using native plant material is ideal because they tend to thrive when planted in our home gardens.
  • Plants are not optional — we can’t live without them. By gardening with native plants — no matter where you live or how small or large your space is — you can help sustain wildlife.
  • Trees and shrubs increase infiltration and evapotranspiration of stormwater and remove pollutants, which improves water quality.

Tree Planting

Section 4.3 of the CSN Homeowner Guide for a More Bay- Friendly Property

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Becoming a Habitat Farmer

Decrease your impact on stormwater and the Chesapeake Bay by farming your yard for habitat and runoff reduction.
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