All of the Bay states have recently shifted to new performance standards for the management of urban stormwater runoff that require greater levels of stormwater treatment using Low Impact Development (LID) and site design practices. While similar to stormwater retrofits, these practices are installed on new development sites to hold pollution levels at pre-development conditions. Alternatively, they can be used at a redevelopment site to reduce pollutant loads below pre-development levels.

Below, you’ll find a variety of resources on stormwater performance standards, including the Expert Panel report that reviews all of the available science on the pollutant removal performance and runoff reduction capability of the BMPs, and CSN’s Performance Standards “Fact Sheet” which breaks down the practice and the Expert Panel recommendations into more easily digestible pieces!

U-2 Stormwater Performance Standards Fact Sheet

New State Stormwater Performance Standards Final Report

Final CBP Approved Expert Panel Report on Stormwater Performance Standards
Frequently Asked Questions for Stormwater Performance Standards and Retrofit Expert Panel Reports

Training Resources

The following training resources have been created for explaining the panel recommendations – enjoy!

[Webcast] Crediting BMPs Used for New and Redevelopment