New techniques have been pioneered in the Chesapeake Bay watershed to restore urban streams using diverse approaches such as natural channel design, regenerative stream channel, and removal of legacy sediments. These techniques can achieve significant nutrient and sediment removal while also restoring a number of other critical stream functions.

Below, you will find several resources including the final Expert Panel report that defines the nutrient and sediment reductions that can be achieved using stream restoration techniques. You should also check out CSN’s Fact Sheet that parses out the most important information from the Panel report and helps get you started.

U-4 Stream Restoration Fact Sheet

Download “Stream Restoration FAQs” Stream-Restoration-FAQ_final-1.pdf – Downloaded 1178 times – 270 KB

Download “Recommended Methods to Verify Stream Restoration Practices Built for Pollutant Crediting in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed” Approved-Verification-Memo-061819.pdf – Downloaded 874 times – 1 MB

Download “Recommendations for Crediting Outfall and Gully Stabilization Projects in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed” FINAL-APPROVED-OUTFALL-RESTORATION-MEMO-101519.pdf – Downloaded 672 times – 15 MB

Urban Stream Restoration Final Report(s)

Stream Restoration Expert Panel Report: Final

Ongoing Stream Restoration Teams

In mid-2018, the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Urban Stormwater Workgroup asked CSN to facilitate a series of teams to re-evaluate the stream restoration protocols and provide better guidance for practitioners. The four teams are:

  • Stream Restoration Verification
  • Outfall Restoration Practices
  • Protocol 1: Prevented Sediment
  • Protocol 2/3: Floodplain Re-connection

For the latest on the work of these teams, check out our “Streaming Service”:

CSN Streaming Service: Update #1

Training Resources

[Webcast] Stream Restoration Revisited

Verifying Stream Restoration Practices

[Webcast] BUBBAs Highlights: Stream and Wetland Restoration Success Stories

Other Resources

Download “Principles for Verifying Stream Restoration Projects” Principles-for-Verifying-Stream-Restoration-Projects_Final_Feb_6.pdf – Downloaded 1131 times – 686 KB

Download “Appendix A. Annotated Literature Review” Appendix-A.-Annotated-Literature-Review.pdf – Downloaded 764 times – 503 KB

Download “Appendix B. Protocol 1 Supplemental Details” Appendix-B.-Protocol-1-Supplemental-Details.pdf – Downloaded 995 times – 575 KB

Download “Appendix C. Protocol 2 and 3 Supplemental Details” Appendix-C.-Protocol-2-and-3-Supplemental-Details.pdf – Downloaded 862 times – 703 KB

Download “Appendix G Clarifications and Edits from Test Drive Final ” Appendix-G-Clarifications-and-Edits-from-Test-Drive-Final-02062014.pdf – Downloaded 1010 times – 635 KB

Download “A Function-Based Framework for Stream Assessment and Restoration Projects.” A_Function-Based_Framework-2.pdf – Downloaded 949 times – 8 MB

Download “CBP Expert Panel Literature Review: Stream Restoration” CB-Urban-Stream-Resto-Reference-List_20120224.xlsx – Downloaded 1707 times – 66 KB