Stormwater News

Urban Toxic Contaminants in the Chesapeake Bay

Can stormwater BMPs that are used to reduce nutrient and sediment loads for the Bay pollution diet also offer additional benefits to reduce toxic contaminants ?
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Being Prepared for Climate Change
Chesapeake Bay Watershed

A new guide for place-based organizations to do risk-based climate change adaptation.
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Identification of High Risk Lawns for Water Quality: Guidance for Chesapeake Bay Communities

New UNM guidance document for local governments on how to identify high risk lawns.
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Legendary Lynnhaven Shoreline Award Competition
One of the winners of the Residential BMP category in the 2014 BUBBA contest.

The Legendary Lynnhaven Shoreline Award is out on the streets of Virginia Beach! Contest closes January 8, 2016.
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Open Stormwater Position in Arlington County, VA
Bioretention in the street median in Arlington County, VA.

Join one of the leading local Stormwater Programs in the DC-Metro region! Applications accepted until December 10, 2015.
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Green Infrastructure Design Competition – Blair County, PA
Photo credit: Tetra Tech, Inc.

A Green Infrastructure Design Competition in Blair County, PA!
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Gobble Gobble Gobble
Daylighting of Broad Branch and Restoration of its Linnean Park Tributary

While we wait for delicious pies and disastrous family members, here are a couple of tools that can help you with your Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts.
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Open Positions in DDOT’s Green Infrastructure Program
RiverSmart Washington – Intensive LID Retrofits in Two Washington, DC Neighborhoods: installation of a bioretention bump-out

Looking for a job? The DC Department of Transportation Stormwater Green Infrastructure Team is seeking people to join their growing team!
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2016 EWRI Low Impact Development Conference‏
West Side Residence Project: 'Dry Creek Bed' after a storm

Call for Abstracts!
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State of Virginia’s Water Resources: Sharing a Finite Supply

Join the discussion on the status of Virginia’s surface and groundwater resources and planning for the future based on anticipated changes due to climate change, population growth, agriculture and development needs.
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