Stormwater News

Integrated Green Stormwater Infrastructure Guide
District-Wide LID Demonstration Program

EPA releases a new guide on Public Private Partnerships for addressing water quality needs
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Reducing Lawn Fertilizer Use and Stormwater Runoff Workshop

Coming up June 9, 2015 at PSU
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Stormwater Stumblings?
Spring Pollen

Happy Spring! I don’t know about you but I sure am happy to say goodbye to winter. It’s so nice see the magnolia and dogwood trees in bloom. But I sure hope your sinuses are faring better than mine!
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Peculiarities of Pervious Cover Final Report
Aerial of lawns

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Where are all the Nutrients Coming From? Final Report Now Available on Pollutant Loads from urban land!
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Green Infrastructure and the Sustainable Communities Initiative
Photo Credit: Stormwater Maintenance and Consulting

This report published by HUD’s Office of Economic Resilience, shares the green infrastructure best practices and outputs of grantees under HUD’s Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI). As part of HUD’s commitment under the Green Infrastructure Collaborative, the report features 30 HUD SCI grantees which have incorporated green infrastructure strategies and projects within their Community Challenge and Regional...Learn more...

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation’s new list of non-native invasive plants of the state

Virginia DCR just published a new list of non-native invasive plants of the state! Invasive plants can displace native plant species, reduce wildlife habitat and alter ecosystems. They threaten natural areas, parks and forests. In the United States, they cost an estimated $34 billion annually in economic loss. Invasive, non-native plant species typically: Grow and mature rapidly. Produce seed...Learn more...

Accelerating Cost-Effective Green Stormwater Infrastructure: Learning from Local Implementation

A new report from the UC Berkeley School of Law - Center for Law, Energy & the Environment identifies actions water quality authorities can take to drive data collection and information sharing. Accelerating Cost-Effective Green Stormwater Infrastructure: Learning from Local Implementation recommends enhancing learning from local implementation efforts to address knowledge gaps and speed cost-effective...Learn more...

Green Infrastructure Opportunities that Arise During Municipal Operations
Photo credit: Tetra Tech, Inc.

As we hopefully all know, one of the best ways to get green infrastructure (GI) or low impact development (LID) practices into the ground is to piggyback them onto other capital improvement practices. In fact some of the most successful communities we have come across are those who can promote cross-departmental coordination to get 'everyone thinking...Learn more...

Car Washing: Impacts and Solutions

Washing your car at home dumps oil, heavy metals, solvents and other harmful pollutants into storm drains, local streams, and eventually the Chesapeake Bay!
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New Crediting Tool Approved!
Illicit discharge(s) from an outfall in Baltimore City

Crediting approved for Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination programs.
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