Stormwater News

Maintenance Matters!

New University of Florida study discusses the sediment and corresponding nutrient content associated with street sweeping, catch basin clean-out and routine BMP maintenance.
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Financing Stormwater Retrofits in Philadelphia and Beyond
Curb cuts into rain gardens reduce rain runoff from streets

Stormwater runoff is a principal cause of urban waterway pollution nationwide, fouling rivers, lakes, beaches, and drinking water supplies. Read the case study by…
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Soil Health Conference

The conference will address the importance of soil health and will offer three concurrent tracks on the impact on stormwater, surface water and groundwater and the landscape.
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Plant Selection for Filter Strip Optimization
Blue Flag Iris

The Blue Flag Iris performed the best of all of the plant species at removing selected pesticides in addition to being a very aesthetically pleasing plant.
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Bioretention Hydrology
Parking lot bioretention cell

Bioretention facilities need rigorous field performance research and monitoring to confirm performance.
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Field Performance of Bioretention in Maryland
Aerial of bioretention site on University of Maryland campus

The reduction of hydrologic volume and flow peaks and delay in peak timing via bioretention were quantified in two bioretention facilities on the University of Maryland campus.
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Mosquitoes and Bioswales
Mosquito Larva

Delaware study finds that 60 percent of bioretention sites had a significant amount of mosquito breeding for most of the summer season.
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Permeable Pavement Design Specification
Construction of a pervious brick section of a road.

The promise of permeable pavement has always been powerful, however, seldom realized.
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The Smack Down on Soil Compaction
Disturbed soil after construction, illustrated by King Co. DNRP

Mass grading and construction equipment will compact urban soils, but quantifying soil infiltration rate is not as well documented.
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Stormwater Guidance for Coastal Plains
Inlets of Chesapeake Bay along the Coastal Plain of eastern Maryland

From a stormwater perspective, terrain matters a lot more than state boundaries. However, the bulk of stormwater research has taken place in only one terrain.
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