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Tom Schueler, Chesapeake Stormwater Network

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Chesapeake Bay Watershed

An expert panel was formed in 2013 to re-evaluate how sediment and nutrient removal credits are calculated for street and storm drain cleaning, which is an existing BMP approved by the CBP partnership.

While street cleaning is a common municipal practice across the Chesapeake Bay watershed, it is not widely credited at the present time for pollutant reduction, given that most communities either do not sweep frequently enough or use ineffective sweeper technology.

The panel reviewed new research conducted over the last ten years on (a) nutrient and sediment loading from streets, roads and highways (b) the particle size distribution and nutrient, carbon and toxic enrichment of urban street dirt and sweeper waste, and (c) ten recent research studies that evaluated the effect of different street sweeping scenarios on different street types across the country.

Join us for this webcast on the hot of the press recommendations recently approved by the Chesapeake Bay Partnership on May 19, 2016!

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Crediting Street Sweeping and Storm Drain Cleaning in the Chesapeake Bay Webcast Slides

Slides from the webcast Crediting Street Sweeping and Storm Drain Cleaning in the Chesapeake Bay which aired on Thursday, June 30.

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Recommendations of the Expert Panel to Define Removal Rates for Street and Storm Drain Cleaning Practices

The short version of the final expert panel recommendations approved May 19, 2016.

Version may 19, 2016 | Size (2 MB) | File type (.pdf) | Download


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