[Webcast] Tracking and Eliminating Illicit Discharges

When? Thursday, 02 November 2017, 12:00 pm EDT - 1:30 pm EDT
Cost: FREE
Categories: 2017 Webcast Series
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Laurel Williamson, Center for Watershed Protection

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Learn how to make the most out of your IDDE program! Meeting IDDE requirements can feel overwhelming, with limited staff available to inspect seemingly countless outfalls. This webcast will cover what you need to know to help prioritize your illicit discharge detection and outfall screening efforts and some useful techniques to track down the source of the problems!


Webcast Resources:

IDDE Field Guide

Safe Waters, Healthy Waters: A Guide for Citizen Groups on Bacteria Monitoring in Local Waterways

Identifying Illicit Discharges:


Tracking and Eliminating Illicit Discharges:





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