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Jeremy Hanson, Virginia Tech, Chesapeake Bay Program
Dr. Neely Law, Center for Watershed Protection

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Tree canopy, Adkins Arboretum

An expert panel was formed in 2015 to evaluate how sediment and nutrient removal credits are calculated for expanded urban tree canopy. The newly adopted BMP credits include two BMPs: 1) Urban Tree Canopy Expansion and 2) Urban Forest Planting. These BMPs replace the current urban tree planting BMP for the Phase 6 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model.

Tree planting is a popular activity in the Chesapeake Bay watershed done by many local jurisdictions, watershed organizations and other groups, as well as State and Federal governments. The current urban tree planting BMP did not account for the variety of tree planting efforts and their associated water quality benefits. The recently approved recommendations provide local jurisdictions with flexibility seeking credit for tree planting efforts in the next version of the Watershed Model. The newly adopted BMPs represent the different types of tree planting that increase tree coverage in developed areas – from single trees to forested lots.

Join us for this webcast on the hot-off-the-press recommendations recently approved by the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership on November 17, 2016!

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Urban Tree Canopy and Forest Planting Webcast Slideshow

Slides from the webcast Urban Tree Canopy and Forest Planting which aired on November 17,2016.

Version november 17, 2016 | Size (3 MB) | File type (.pdf) | Download

Webcast Resources

Recommendations of the Expert Panel to Define BMP Effectiveness for Urban Tree Canopy Expansion

The final approved crediting recommendations for the urban tree canopy expert panel.

Version november 7, 2016 | Size (4 MB) | File type (.pdf) | Download

Urban Tree Canopy Expansion and Urban Forestry Planting BMPs

A fact sheet on the urban tree canopy and urban forestry credits.

Version november 15, 2016 | Size (572 KB) | File type (.pdf) | Download


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