The fifth minimum control measure (MCM5) is Post Construction Runoff Control. It essentially means installing BMPs to treat runoff, and requires communities to develop, implement, and enforce a program to address discharges of post-construction stormwater runoff from new development and redevelopment areas. Applicable controls could include preventative actions such as protecting sensitive areas (e.g., wetlands) or the use of structural BMPs such as grassed swales or porous pavement.

CSN has a tremendous amount of resources dedicated to stormwater BMPs. Check out some of the other pages on our website to learn more about each stormwater management practice, how they can earn nutrient and sediment reductions towards your TMDL, and how to inspect and maintain stormwater practices. Here’s a quick set of introductory slides to get you started:

Download “Minimum Management Measure 4: Post Construction Stormwater Management” MM420Post20Construction1.pdf – Downloaded 990 times – 2 MB