State Guidance Documents and Resources

Maryland Stormwater Design Manual

Download “Accounting for Stormwater Wasteload Allocations and Impervious Acres Treated” NPDES-MS4-Guidance-August-18-2014.pdf – Downloaded 1650 times – 539 KB

Download “Maryland Industrial Stormwater Permit” 12_SW_CompleteFinalPermit.pdf – Downloaded 991 times – 1 MB

Tools and Resources

Download “MD Compliance Spreadsheet ” Maryland-SW-Spreadsheet-Version-3_0.xls – Downloaded 1923 times – 1 MB

Download “Technical Bulletin No 6: Users Guide for the ESD to the MEP Compliance Tool” CSN-TB-6-version-2.0-MD-ESD-to-the-MEP-6-15-2011.pdf – Downloaded 1310 times – 388 KB

Helpful Links

Maryland MS4 Permits Website

Maryland Phase II MS4 Permits Website

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Resource Center