Congratulations to the District Department of the Environment for their project Daylighting of Broad Branch and Restoration of its Linnean Park Tributary which was voted the overall BEST Urban BMP in the Bay this year by our network! Great job you guys!

2015 BUBBAs Brochure & Winners

This brochure details our 2015 Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award contest and highlights the 2015 winners.

Version may 18, 2015 | Size (1 MB) | File type (.pdf) | Download

BUBBAs Description 2015

The following write-up describes the rules and regulations for the the 2015 Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award contest.

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To check out the winning projects in each category, just click on the pictures below. All winning projects from the 2015 BUBBAs can be found on our google drive account here.

You can watch our winners discuss their projects in their own words! Thanks to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the producers at GreenSmith PR we have five excellent videos featuring our 2015 BUBBAs winners discussing their projects. Enjoy!

See where our winning projects came from. Below is a map of all of the winning BUBBAs projects:

Thank you to all our contestants who participate in the 2015 Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award !

We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of the sponsors of the 2015 BUBBAs.
This year’s contest would not have been a possibility without you!

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