BMPs that provide a unique blend of aquatic or upland wildlife habitat while still providing effective stormwater function are eligible for this category. Projects will receive extra points if the created habitat connects with existing habitat or waterways, to support enhanced function along a wildlife corridor. Projects should result in a minimum of 20,000 square feet of habitat, either through the creation of new habitat on a project site or by connecting with existing habitat. Example projects include constructed wetlands. Projects built for mitigation are not eligible. Stream estoration projects are also not eligible under this category (see Best Stream Restoration). Habitat BMPs will be evaluated on their ability to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Meets or exceeds the water quality requirements for the site if applicable
  • Utilizes native plantings that provide multiple habitat zones
  • Results in at least 20,000 square feet of habitat
  • Attracts wildlife that were not present at the site before implementation of the project, including pollinators, songbirds, waterfowl and other wildlife
  • Provides enhanced habitat function without excessive inputs of irrigation water, fertilizer or pesticides

Below you will find information about the winners of the Best Habitat Creation in a BMP category of the 2015 BUBBAs.

To learn more about our winners, check out the project files on our Google Drive account here.

First Place

Church Creek Headwaters Restoration

Church Creek Headwaters After Restoration: The continuous flow of water allows for fish to travel between wetland areas

Project Team:
South River Federation
Chesapeake Bay Trust

Church Creek Headwaters Restoration Presentation

A short presentation describing the first place winner of the Best Habitat Creation in a BMP category for the 2015 BUBBA contest.

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Utilizing a holistic design approach this project far exceeded the minimum selection criteria.  This exemplary, cost-effective project transformed an illegal dumping ground into a restored coastal plain wetland/stream system.  The comprehensive restoration effort included floodplain enhancement, connection to existing habitat corridors and waterways, and planting of 1900 trees and 12,000 native plants, and has resulted in the uplift and re-establishment of ecosystem function demonstrated by the introduction of plentiful diversity of aquatic and upland wildlife habitat.  Congratulations to the South River Federation for facilitating another successful project demonstrating that effective restoration is fertile ground for prolific habitat creation.

To learn more about the project that was declared this year’s first place Habitat Creation BMP, visit the project folder on our google drive here.

Second Place

Brookfield Park Wet Pond Reconstruction

Brookfield Park Wet Pond Reconstruction: overview photo of the pond
Brookfield Park Wet Pond Reconstruction: overview photo of the pond

Project Team:
Fairfax County Department of Public Works
Fairfax County Park Authority
Dewberry Consultants
ECS Limited
Corinthian Contractors, Inc.

This project had great merit in the Best Habitat Creation category, particularly with regards to the stewardship of existing pond wildlife.  Remarkably Fairfax County, VA went the extra mile by taking considerable care of existing aquatic pond inhabitants by relocating them during pond reconstruction.  This novel construction approach coupled with a design which fused conventional pond reconstruction with innovative practices including natural channel design, floating wetlands, and other stabilization techniques were quite compelling.  Congratulations on a successful reconstruction project and for demonstrating tremendous stewardship for our terrestrial inhabitants.

To learn more about our winners, check out the project files on our Google Drive account here.

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