New to the BUBBAs this year, this category looks for nontraditional solutions for the management or mitigation of stormwater at a site that can be applied locally to benefit the Bay watershed. 

Innovative BMPs outside of the Bay watershed are evaluated on their ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Utilizes a novel technology or treatment mechanism that is not commonly applied in the Chesapeake Bay region to reduce runoff and remove pollutants
  • Contains unique design elements or specifications that may be transferrable to the Chesapeake Bay region
  • Meets or exceeds the minimum stormwater sizing requirements in the jurisdiction in which it was built (for new or redevelopment project) or demonstrates a unique retrofit solution (for existing development)
  • Includes some effort to track its performance over time. This can involve testing, monitoring, and/or visual assessment to confirm the successful performance of the BMP over time (water quality monitoring, photo documentation, etc.)
  • Effectively integrates stormwater management function with the other non-stormwater uses or site benefits (e.g. recreational use, pedestrian access, water re-use, multi-space function)

First Place

The Artists’ Backyard

The Artists’ Backyard post installation

Project Team:
NC State Department of Landscape Architecture Design+Build Studio
NC State University Housing

The jury felt that this project maximized both stormwater function and form in a very integrated and aesthetic way. They were also impressed by the manner by which a heretofore neglected public space in a high visibility campus setting could be reclaimed to provide effective stormwater treatment while also serving as landscape art. The jury appreciated that the sustainable palette of stormwater practices that were integrated so well together (especially liked how they dealt with soil amendments). The jury concluded that this project combines a great teaching moment for sustainable stormwater in the same place where an attractive and serene garden was created where folks can relax and appreciate how water and plants interact.

The Artists' Backyard Presentation

A short presentation describing the first place winner of the Best Innovative BMP Outside the Watershed category for the 2015 BUBBA contest.

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To learn more about the project that was declared this year’s first place Best Innovative BMP Outside the Watershed, visit the project folder on our google drive here.

 Honorable Mention

Washington Avenue Green

Washington Avenue Green project: the dendritic decay garden
Washington Avenue Green project: the dendritic decay garden

Project Team:
Delaware River Waterfront Corporation
Stacy Levy, Artist
Urban Engineers
Hunt Engineering
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

An ecologically minded stormwater management and habitat restoration project that transformed a one acre expanse of concrete and asphalt into a verdant park along the Delaware River in South Philadelphia.

To learn more about this year’s winners, visit the project folder on our google drive here.

View photos of our inaugural awards ceremony here.

Thank you to all our contestants who participate in the 2015 Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award !

We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of the sponsors of the 2015 BUBBAs.
This year’s contest would not have been a possibility without you!

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