This category recognizes the most effective pollution reduction efforts conducted at an individual industrial site covered by a stormwater permit within the Bay watershed (permitted municipal public works yards and federal facilities are also eligible). Pollution control efforts can include stormwater retrofits, pollution prevention practices and elimination of spills or illicit discharges.

The Best Industrial Site will be evaluated on its ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Utilizes an stormwater pollution prevention plan to identify, prevent and control pollutant discharges generated within the property
  • Site has been systematically assessed to prevent rainfall contact with pollutants, isolate and manage stormwater hotspot areas and identify any risks for spills, leaks or illicit discharges
  • Actively engages and trains critical employees on how their daily actions can protect or improve water quality
  • Provides some degree of stormwater treatment at the site, at least at stormwater hotspots
  • Evidence that pavement and stormwater infrastructure (storm drains, catch basins, stormwater BMPs) at the site are routinely maintained in order to remove trapped pollutants.

Below you will find information about the winner of the Best Industrial Site category for the 2017 BUBBAs.

To learn more about this year’s winner, check out the project files on our Google Drive here.

First Place

The City of Harrisonburg Public Works Facility

Riparian Buffer at Harrisonburg Public Works Facility
Riparian Buffer at Harrisonburg Public Works Facility

Project Team:

Harrisonburg Public Works Department

Rainwater Management Systems

This project combines on-the-ground work with an education and training campaign to identify, prevent and control pollutant discharges from the property. In addition to a riparian buffer planting and cistern installations to reduce and treat stormwater runoff from the site, the entire staff receives bi-annual training on pollution prevention practices and are encouraged to be actively engaged in the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan program.

To read a full project narrative and view more photos, please visit the project folder on our Google Drive.