All submissions will need to include the following information:
1. Basic Project Data (to be submitted through the online form below)
2. A Project Narrative (see example below)
3. Photographs (minimum 4, uploaded in the online form below)

Landis Homes Project Narrative

This BMP submitted an exemplary project narrative last year. Take a look to see a great example of how to construct your project's narrative.

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BUBBAs Basic Project Data Form

Please fill out this formĀ only if you are submitting your project via email and not using the online submission form below.

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About the Project

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NOTE: For stream restoration projects that are not floodplain reconnections, enter "0" for the runoff volume treated and include the sediment and nutrient reductions and length of the project in the narrative. Nutrient and sediment reductions can be calculated using the revised interim CBP rates available in Table 3, p. 14 of the Stream Restoration Report.

NOTE: For entries in the Best Education & Outreach Program category, enter 0 for fields that do not apply.

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Project Category
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Project Narrative, Photos & Supporting Documents

A project narrative is required for each project submission. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the template narrative.
  2. Complete the narrative and save it as project-narrative.docx
  3. Add the narrative to the file uploader below.

In addition to the narrative, add a minimum of 4 photographs (each should be less than 5MB and jpg/png format) as well as additional materials (i.e. additional photos, design plans, etc). For a more in-depth summary of the required files for submission, review the Rules & Eligibility.

A minimum of 4 photographs are required. Follow these steps:

  1. One of the photos must be of the site before the BMP was installed.
  2. All photograph submittals should be in jpg/png format.
  3. Each photograph should be labeled with a descriptive file name to explain what they are trying to portray or participants should include an additional document that provides this information.
Please add files below.
Project Narrative
Additional Documents
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