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The following is a list of Archived Webcasts that are provided by the Training Partnership, as part of the Center for Watershed Protection’s national webcast series or from other training partners in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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[Webcast] The State of Urban Nutrient Management

Learn how the Chesapeake Bay Program is is treating UNM as a TMDL credit and some examples from Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.
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[Webcast] Identifying and Targeting High Risk Turf Areas using GIS

How to create a GIS matrix for targeting your urban nutrient management outreach efforts.
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[Webcast] Managing Nutrients on Golf Courses

Learn how to best manage nutrients applied to golf courses to meet the needs of both golfers and water quality.
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[Webcast] Managing Nutrients in Residential and Recreational Areas

How to manage nutrients from residential lawns and athletic fields for maintaining water quality.
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[Webcast] Urban Nutrient Management to Help Restore the Chesapeake Bay

Archived webcast now online !!
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