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The following is a list of Archived Webcasts that are provided by the Training Partnership, as part of the Center for Watershed Protection’s national webcast series or from other training partners in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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[Webcast] Modeling Pollutant Load Reductions for TMDL and Pollution Reduction Plans

This webcast covers three (3) free modeling tools which can help develop current load estimates and future load projections using various BMP implementation scenarios.
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[Webcast] The State of Urban Nutrient Management

Learn how the Chesapeake Bay Program is is treating UNM as a TMDL credit and some examples from Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.
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Stormwater Retrofitting, Nutrient Accounting in the Chesapeake Bay Webcast

The Bay states have pioneered new techniques for retrofits to remove pollutants and improve stream health.
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Surviving Your Local WIP Webcast

Localities will need to prepare watershed implementation plans in 2011 and 2012 to conform to the forthcoming Bay-wide nutrient TMDL.
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Top Actions for Local Governments Webcast

Find out what drives the numeric goals in TMDLs and WIPs, how to utilize the best LIDs and how to engage local watershed stewards.
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West Virginia MS4 Permit

West Virginia Landscape

Watershed protection elements, site and neighborhood design performance standards, and local implementation for West Virginia webcast.
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