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The following is a list of Archived Webcasts that are provided by the Training Partnership, as part of the Center for Watershed Protection’s national webcast series or from other training partners in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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Stormwater Design in the Coastal Plain

Coastal Plain

Design considerations and issues in state stormwater guidance for stormwater in coastal plains webcast.
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Handling ESD at Redevelopment Sites in Maryland

Providing ESD at certain redevelopment sites can be challenging given the new Maryland Stormwater rules.
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Stormwater Design in Karst Terrain

Webcast explaining the challenges for stormwater in a ‘dissolving landscape’ such as karst terrain.
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Environmental Site Design

This webcast reviews the basics of Environmental Site Design (ESD) in Maryland, with an intensive focus on design of ESD credits and micro-practices.
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