Archived Webcasts

The following is a list of Archived Webcasts that are provided by the Training Partnership, as part of the Center for Watershed Protection’s national webcast series or from other training partners in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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Stream Restoration: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Introductory look at stream restoration which aims to present a systematic approach that managers, practitioner and researchers can follow to help the understanding of the different stream processes critical to stream restoration.
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Increasing the Delivery of Residential Stewardship Practices in Urban Watersheds

Local stormwater managers will need to play a greater role in enhancing public involvement, expanding stormwater education and delivering residential stewardship practices.
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Rainwater Harvesting

Discover the best practices for harvesting rainwater and understand its small and large scale practical uses.
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Stormwater Retrofits to Maximize Nutrient Reduction

Stormwater retrofitting will be a major strategy for many localities to achieve nutrient reductions to meet more stringent MS4 stormwater permits and TMDLs.
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LID Changes Everything: The New Stormwater Maintenance Paradigm

Concerns about maintaining LID practices are a recurring theme among stormwater managers and professionals alike.
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Surviving Your Local WIP Webcast

Localities will need to prepare watershed implementation plans in 2011 and 2012 to conform to the forthcoming Bay-wide nutrient TMDL.
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Top Actions for Local Governments Webcast

Find out what drives the numeric goals in TMDLs and WIPs, how to utilize the best LIDs and how to engage local watershed stewards.
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Ultra-Urban Stormwater Design and Retrofitting

Stormwater in the city is very different than in a suburban county. Webcast covers why redevelopment is difficult, but important.
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Stormwater Design in the Coastal Plain

Coastal Plain

Design considerations and issues in state stormwater guidance for stormwater in coastal plains webcast.
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Constructed Wetlands and Regenerative Conveyance

Learn about curent wetland design and new advances as well as wetland design options, such as regenerative conveyance.

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