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Photo credit: Walter Caldwell, DDOE

Photo credit: Walter Caldwell, DDOE

The District Department of the Environment (DDOE) finalized a new regulatory framework for stormwater management by large development sites in the District of Columbia.  The new regulations were published in the DC Register on Friday, July 19, 2013.

The new framework includes stormwater retention performance standards that will dramatically reduce stormwater runoff’s harmful impacts to the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers, Rock Creek, and their tributaries.  It also includes an innovative Stormwater Retention Credit (SRC) trading program, which is the first of its kind in the nation and has the potential to increase the new standards’ benefit to District waterbodies while reducing the cost of compliance and providing other sustainability benefits. A fact sheet explaining the final rule along with presentations and the final version of the compliance spreadsheet that take you step by step through the new regulations can be accessed below.

Check out our newly released DC-specific Urban BMP fact sheets. These ‘fact sheets’ explain how to use each of the CBP-approved Urban BMPs in the District. Enjoy!

Urban BMP Fact Sheets - DC Version

'Fact Sheets' that explain the use of certain Urban BMPs in the District of Columbia. The practices covered include: Retrofits, New and Redevelopment BMPs, Residential BMPs, Urban Stream Restoration and Urban Nutrient Management.

Version june 2015 | Size (2 MB) | File type (.zip) | Download

Training Resources

The CBSTP Partner’s conducted a webcast on the new DC Stormwater Regulations back in 2012. You can listen to the webcast here:

Listen to Archived Webcast


State Guidance Documents and Resources

Fact Sheet on DC's Final Rule on Stormwater Management and Soil Erosion and Sediment Control

Size (47 KB) | File type (.docx) | Download

Overview of DC's New Regs and Guidebook

In this presentation, you can learn about the District’s new retention standard and work with design and sizing guidelines for the retention practices provided in the Draft Stormwater Guidebook.

Size (6 MB) | File type (.pdf) | Download

Generation and Certification of Stormwater Retention Credits

To provide practical guidance on how property owners and others can generate DDOE-certified Stormwater Retention Credits for their own use or to sell to sites regulated under the District’s proposed stormwater retention standards.

Size (2 MB) | File type (.pdf) | Download

DC General Retention Compliance Calculator

District of Columbia Stormwater Compliance Spreadsheet.

Version final version | Size (554 KB) | File type (.xlsx) | Download

District of Columbia Spreadsheet Instructions

District of Columbia Spreadsheet Instructions

Size (51 KB) | File type (.pdf) | Download

District of Columbia MS4 Permit

Authorization to discharge under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit

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Other Resources

Making Stormwater Retrofits Pay

Water Environment & Technology Resource. Making Stormwater Retrofits Pay: Creating a market for stormwater retrofits to harness self-interest, leverage river protections, and promote sustainable development in the District of Columbia.

Size (398 KB) | File type (.pdf) | Download