Bioretention is one of the most commonly installed stormwater practices in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. It also tends to be the practice that causes the most inspection and maintenance headaches down the road. To help, CSN has put together a resource library to walk you through all the stages of the bioretention life-cycle.

Below you will find design specifications, a presentation from the construction sequence, and numerous inspection and maintenance guides. We have also included links to all of our webcasts on bioretention. Enjoy!

Design Specifications:

Design Specification: Bioretention


Bioretention Construction Sequence Slideshow

Inspection and Maintenance:

Technical Bulletin No 10: Bioretention Illustrated!

Bioretention Inspection App

Improving Performance:

Performance Enhancing Devices for Stormwater Best Management Practices

CSN Webcasts:

[Webcast] Full Cycle Bioretention

[Webcast] The Potential to Enhance Nutrient Removal in Bioretention and Sand Filters

[Webcast] Advanced Stormwater Design: Bioretention and Dry Swales

[Webcast] Inspecting, Maintaining and Verifying LID Practices

[Webcast] Bioretention Maintenance: In the Trenches

Bioretention Design, Installation and Maintenance

Resources from Other Partners:

Download “Bioretention Hydrology” Bioretention20hydrology20paper1.pdf – Downloaded 2130 times – 776 KB

Download “Bioretention Performance, Design, Construction and Maintenance” NCSU-Guidance-1.pdf – Downloaded 735 times – 328 KB

Download “Internal Water Storage (IWS) for Bioretention” Internal-Water-Storage-for-Bioretention-2009.pdf – Downloaded 733 times – 2 MB

Download “Designing Bioretention with an Internal Water Storage (IWS) Layer” NCSU-Guidance-2.pdf – Downloaded 690 times – 2 MB