On this page you’ll find design specifications and tons of other great resources on contructed wetlands:

Design Specifications:

Constructed wetland on gold course
Design Specifications: Constructed Wetlands


CSN Webcasts:

Constructed Wetlands and Regenerative Conveyance

[Webcast] Advanced Stormwater Design: Constructed Wetlands

Other Resources:

Download “Stormwater Pond and Wetland Maintenance Guidebook” pondwetlandguidebookdraft.pdf – Downloaded 1513 times – 4 MB

Download “The Next Generation of Stormwater Wetlands” Wetlands-and-Watersheds-Article-5.pdf – Downloaded 1100 times – 3 MB

Download “Design Choices for Stormwater Wetlands” wetland20design20choices1.pdf – Downloaded 1949 times – 2 MB