Inflitration practices are a key element of runoff reduction, but they require careful design and testing to work properly. CSN has developed design specifications that outline three scales for infiltration: micro-infiltration, small-scale infitration and conventional infiltration. The spec also outlines a process for evaluating whether the proposed site will be a designated stormwater hotspot where infiltration is restricted or prohibited.

On this page you can also find information on visual indicators to inspect and maintain infiltration practices and several webcasts that we have done on the subject. Enjoy!

Design Specifications:

Design Specification: Infiltration Practices

Inspection and Maintenance:

Guidance for inspecting infiltration practices is included in our Bioretention Illustrated report

Technical Bulletin No 10: Bioretention Illustrated!

CSN Webcasts:

[Webcast] Advanced Stormwater Design: Infiltration

[Webcast] Visual Indicators for Infiltration, Surface Sand Filters and Permeable Pavement

Other Resources:

Download “Soil Infiltration Rate Calculator” Soil-Infiltration-Rate.pdf – Downloaded 1218 times – 139 KB

Download “Design Choices for Effective Infiltration Practices” Session20620Design20Choices20120-20Copy1.pdf – Downloaded 862 times – 826 KB

Download “Design of Infiltration Practices” Design-of-Infiltration-Practices-NXPowerLite.pdf – Downloaded 813 times – 2 MB