Sinkhole in Karst Soiil
Sinkholes can commonly occur in karst soils.

This stormwater design supplement has been prepared for engineers, plan reviewers, and public works officials to guide better stormwater decisions when land is developed in karst regions of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Until now, available local and state guidance on this topic has been uneven, sometimes conflicting and certainly not comprehensive. An informal working group has spent the last year developing this guide.

It is intended that the Technical Bulletin can be incorporated directly or by reference into local and state land development codes, ordinances, regulations, permits and engineering manuals in the Bay watershed that govern how stormwater is managed in karst terrain. The supplement has been designed as an evolving document so that it can be updated over time to reflect new research, experience and project implementation.

Technical Bulletin No 1: Stormwater Design Guidelines for Karst Terrain

CSN Technical Bulletin No1: Stormwater Design Guidelines for Karst Terrain in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

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