Stormwater runoff from parking lotThe objective of this memo is to provide the scientific basis for creating a workable engineering framework to rapidly design effective combinations of runoff reduction and stormwater treatment practices to promote ESD within states and localities within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

This memo draws extensively from recent work performed by CSN and the Center for Watershed Protection to develop a state-wide compliance system for the Virginia DCR (Hirschman et al, 2008).Indeed, the Appendices are taken directly from that document, and the hard work of Dave Hirschman, Kelly Collins and other CWP staff are gratefully acknowledged.

The runoff reduction framework described herein can be adapted to other Bay states, such as Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia as they develop new stormwater regulations, policies and design manuals. The basic method is flexible enough that each state can modify it to suit their unique conditions and water resources protection objectives.

Technical Bulletin No 4: Technical Support for the Baywide Runoff Reduction Method

CSN Technical Bulletin No. 4 Technical Support for the Runoff Reduction Method in all it's glory (includes appendices A-E)

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Technical Bulletin No 4 Appendix B

Derivation of runoff reduction rates for select BMPs

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