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All of the Bay states are shifting to a new paradigm for managing urban stormwater runoff from both new development and redevelopment projects. The new paradigm is reflected in new performance standards that require greater levels of stormwater treatment using Low Impact Development (LID) and site design practices to mimic predevelopment hydrologic conditions. In early 2012, a Chesapeake Bay Program Expert Panel was convened to review all of the available science on the pollutant removal performance and runoff reduction capability of BMPs that are used to comply with the new state-wide performance standards for new development and redevelopment in the Bay watershed. This webcast will take you through the proposed BMP pollutant removal performance method for each of the Bay states complete with design examples and example computations.

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Estimating Nutrient Reduction at New and Redevelopment Sites Webcast pdf slides

Slides from the "Estimating Nutrient Reduction at New and Redevelopment Sites Webcast".

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