On September 27, 2016 the Chesapeake Stormwater Network partnered with the City of Chesapeake, Virginia and the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission to provide a FREE 1-day workshop on installation, maintenance and verification of stormwater management devices. We were joined by 42 local government and private sector consultant inspectors, maintainers and BMP verifiers. It was a fabulous day! Below, you can download the resources from the workshop.

Workshop Resources

Chesapeake Inspection Workshop Presentations

The combined presentations from the Chesapeake Inspection and Maintenance workshop on September 27, 2016.

Version september 27, 2016 | Size (17 MB) | File type (.pdf) | Download

Bioretention Illustrated: A Visual Guide for Constructing, Inspecting, Maintaining and Verifying the Bioretention Practice

Version final version. version 2.0; october 20, 2013 | Size (8 MB) | File type (.pdf) | Download

The Pond Protocol Document

The pond protocol emphasizes simple visual indicators to rapidly assess dam safety and water quality functions and determine if critical repairs are needed to maintain them.

Version october 20, 2016 | Size (1 MB) | File type (.pdf) | Download

Recommendations of the Expert Panel to Define Removal Rates for Floating Treatment Wetlands in Existing Wet Ponds-SHORT

The short version of the final expert panel recommendations on Floating Treatment Wetlands as an urban stormwater BMP.

Version september 2016 | Size (1 MB) | File type (.pdf) | Download

Archived Webcasts

[Webcast] Inspecting, Maintaining and Verifying LID Practices

[Webcast] Visual Indicators for Infiltration, Surface Sand Filters and Permeable Pavement

[Webcast] Crediting Floating Treatment Wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay