This a periodic bulletin to the members of the mid-Atlantic stream restoration community to keep you apprised on progress made by all the expert groups working on improving the stream restoration crediting protocols for the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

So, herewith is the exclusive streaming service from CSN: 

Group 1: Stream Restoration Verification. The group met twice so far in 2019 and is very close to finishing up its work. They have developed unique and measurable visual indicators to verify each of the three crediting protocols, as well as new rapid field inspection protocols. The group is assembling a photo library of key visual indicators to show filed crews what to look for. Expect to see their initial recommendations by early April.

Group 2: Credits for Outfall Restoration Practices. The group met in mid-February and has outlined its proposed crediting approach in a technical memo which should be finalized in March. The group has reached preliminary consensus on most of the items in its original charge, although some pesky environmental issues remain to be resolved.

Group 3: Updating the Prevented Sediment Protocol. The group is steadily working through its charge and has met twice this year. It has tackled two contentious issues (1) how to incentivize better site data collection to improve protocol calculations and (2) what constitutes unacceptable armoring on the streambed/banks for this class of projects. Assuming that hell doesn’t break loose over these issues, expect to hear more details about their efforts by April

Group 4: Improving the Floodplain Reconnection Protocols. The group held a face to face meeting to share the latest findings on nutrient and sediment dynamics associated with floodplain reconnection. While it still has a lot of work to do, the group is considering some initial alternatives to the current protocols 2/3.  

Coordination with Bay Program Managers; CSN will be meeting with key water quality manager in the Chesapeake Bay Program in March to update them on the ongoing stream work and ensure that it fits nicely into the Phase 6 watershed model and state BMP reporting systems.

Technical Papers of the Month: Three fine papers that are attracting some group eyeballs are attached for your scholarly use.  

The first is Newcomer-Johnston et al 2016, which is a good complement to the Lammers and Bledsoe paper we shared with you last month.

The second is a 2017 classic by Sarah McMillian and Greg Noe on pollutant retention associated with floodplain reconnection.

The third is from Thompson et al 2018 on some fine research on RSC performance, which will be the highlight of our USWG research review on March 19 (see below).

USWG Stream Research Symposium

Tom Jordan will be presenting a summary of their research at our monthly Urban Stormwater Work Group call, that everyone is welcome to join by phone:

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Time: Around 10:20 AM

Agenda and Call-In Information will be posted here when available:

One Month Left to Submit Your Projects for the 4th BUBBAs Contest  

All the details can be found here:

We strongly encourage all of you to submit your best stream restoration projects for this prestigious contest, and earn bragging rights and a cool 5 K grand prize!