Ellicott City Soak it Up Campaign

Ellicott City Soak it Up Campaign

Project Team
Howard EcoWorks National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Howard County Government Ellicott City Partnership Chesapeake Bay Trust St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Project Description

The Soak it Up campaign engages residents and businesses in Ellicott City’s Tiber Hudson Watershed to reduce stormwater runoff from their properties through on-site solutions such as the installation of small best management practices (BMPs) such as conservation landscapes, rain gardens, tree planting, berm/swale systems and stream buffers. The program uses a wide range of outreach approaches, from social media to community events to watershed tours. The effort invested to engage community members where they are, provide education and technical assistance and track direct measures of observable impacts on water quality all helped this campaign stand out.
To read the full project narrative and view more photos, visit the project folder on our Google Drive!

Best Education & Outreach Project

This category recognizes effective stormwater education and outreach campaigns that seek to change behaviors that tangibly reduce stormwater pollution in a community. The program can be offered by a municipal stormwater agency or nonprofit organization that goes well beyond the minimum required by their local stormwater permits.



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