Every two years the Chesapeake Stormwater Network, with a generous grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, host an annual Bay-wide Partner’s Stormwater Retreat. The retreat brings together over 100 federal, state, local, and NGO leaders from across the Chesapeake Bay watershed to share stormwater information, network together, and discuss collaborative implementation strategies.

2019 Retreat Attendees Discuss Audience Targeting for MS4 Outreach Campaigns

To find resources from past Retreats or just reminisce about all the great times, please visit the pages below:

2019 Stormwater Retreat

2017 Stormwater Retreat

2015 – Shifting to a New Era of Stormwater Accountability

2014- Using Partnerships and BMPs to Improve Water Quality

2013 – Urban BMPS and the Bay TMDL: A Users Guide

2012 – A New Era of Local Stormwater Implementation