The Chesapeake Stormwater Network acts as the technical coordinator to Chesapeake Bay Program’s (CBP) Urban Stormwater Workgroup (USWG).

The USWG supports state and local stormwater initiatives by working with partners to encourage the development and implementation of emerging urban stormwater practices to improve their water quantity and quality function. Specific USWG functions include:

  • Supporting the Water Quality Goal Implementation Team (WQGIT) on urban and suburban stormwater issues.
  • Providing data and support to CBP stormwater modeling efforts.
  • Reviewing stormwater BMPs.
  • Addressing issues of interest to workgroup participants
  • Promoting innovation in the field of stormwater.

Governance Policy of the Urban Stormwater Group

This governance policy describes the polling and voting procedures of the Urban Stormwater Workgroup (USWG) for determining recommendations.  

Version october 20, 2015 | Size (161 KB) | File type (.pdf) | Download

The USWG also helps to coordinate the development of recommendations on emerging stormwater practices and technologies. These recommendations are developed by panels of experts in the field from all different disciplines and geographic locations within the Bay watershed and around the country. The Panel reviews the current literature about their subject area, discusses the issues, considers any implications of the recommendations to localities, and eventually comes up with a set of recommendations. The CBP Urban BMP Review Protocol can be accessed below.

CBP Nutrient-Sediment Control Review Protocol

Version july 14, 2014 | Size (348 KB) | File type (.pdf) | Download


Urban Stormwater Workgroup: The Process

CSN acts as a facilitator to these panels, organizing the literature reviews, distributing materials, helping to maintain the focus and drive of each meeting and eventually documenting the final recommendations in a technical memo which we then present to the USWG for approval. This is very exciting work! We are at the nexus of science and policy – watching firsthand how science in the field can influence policy which will lead to on-the-ground implementation!

For more information about each of the urban BMPs and to view completed expert panel reports, please visit our BMP Resources Portal.

Panel Status
New State Stormwater Performance Standards Approved!
Urban Stormwater Retrofit Projects Approved!
Urban Stream Restoration Approved!
Urban Nutrient Management Approved!
Illicit Discharge Detection Approved!
Enhanced Erosion and Sediment Control Approved!
Street Sweeping and Storm Drain Cleaning Approved!
Floating Treatment Wetlands Approved!
Urban Filter Strips (facilitated by CWP) Approved!
Shoreline Management (facilitated by CWP) Approved!