Chesapeake Urban Stormwater Professionals (CUSP)

Congratulations to our 2023 cohort!

Registration for the CUSP 2024 Cohort will open on July 10, 2024. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter, or reach out to us for more information.

Chesapeake Urban Stormwater Professionals (CUSP)

What is CUSP?

The Chesapeake Urban Stormwater Professionals (CUSP) is a FREE professional training program from the Chesapeake Stormwater Network! The core of the program is a 14-webinar curriculum that is taught in two parts. Part 1 introduces the basic impacts of stormwater runoff and how they can be reduced or mitigated by stormwater and urban watershed restoration practices. Part 2 focuses on the essential functions of municipal (or MS4) stormwater programs, and how to improve local watershed management.

What participants are saying about CUSP

Who Should Participate in CUSP?

We think CUSP provides something for everyone. While anyone is welcome, CUSP is ideal for:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students interested in careers in green infrastructure and watershed restoration. The program prepares you for roles in the public or private sector in areas such as development/stormwater plan review, MS4 program management, watershed restoration, and stormwater outreach and education.
  • Early career professionals (or those transitioning careers) in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The program can help those who administer their MS4 permits, handle stormwater plan review or implement local watershed restoration plans, as well as provide contractual support to a municipality/county and want to get more training to do their jobs better.
  • Program staff from environmental advocacy groups, local watershed groups, and stewards/master gardeners that want to learn more about the environmental potential of better local stormwater and restoration programs.
How Does it Work?

Interested participants should reach out to Michele or follow our newsletter to stay up to date on the registration process. When registration opens, you will be directed to register to participate in the CUSP Program. You will be assigned to the 2024 Cohort and given access to our CUSP Learning Portal, where you can find each live webinar and a host of supplemental resources to extend your learning. To earn your CUSP certificate, you must complete a set number of “engagements”, made up of live and recorded webinars, office hours sessions, and other supplemental learning opportunities. Live participation is recommended, but you will have several months to view the webinar recordings and meet your requirements. Mix and match to meet your learning preferences!

Completion of the program is free and voluntary. If at any time the demands of work and life pile up and you decide CUSP is no longer a priority, feel free to stop. We hope you will join us for a future cohort!

CUSP Incenteives

We think CUSP provides something for everyone. While anyone is welcome, CUSP is ideal for:

  • If all the above isn’t enough to get you hooked, check out our flyer above with short course descriptions along with these great perks:

    In addition to receiving access to CSN’s extensive library of training content and stormwater resources, participants who complete the requirements of the CUSP Program will:

    • Receive a signed certificate of completion
    • Have the opportunity to be featured on CSN’s website and a special edition of our Stormwater Scoop newsletter
    • Be given priority access to a full or partial scholarship to attend a future Bay-wide Stormwater Partner’s Retreat – the premier networking and information-sharing event in the region.
    • Be given priority registration access to upcoming exclusive CSN career development and professional networking events

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