What is CUSP?

The Chesapeake Urban Stormwater Professionals (CUSP) is a free professional training program from the Chesapeake Stormwater Network. We are able to offer the program at no cost thanks to generous support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The core of the program is a 14-module curriculum that is taught in two parts. Part 1 introduces the basic impacts of stormwater runoff and how they can be reduced or mitigated by stormwater and urban watershed restoration practices. Part 2 focuses on the essential functions of municipal (or MS4) stormwater programs, and how to improve local watershed management. Each module will include a live webinar, which will also be recorded for those who cannot attend live, alongside supplemental resources, interactive engagements, knowledge checks, and more.

What is the timeline for the 2024 program?

Registration is open from July 10th – August 26th. If you miss the registration window, you can still reach out to Michele and see if you can join the course late. Live courses/webinars run from August 28th – October 28th. Participants have until December 13th to complete their 14 required components.  

How interactive will CUSP be?

We are always building more engagement and peer-to-peer networking opportunities into the CUSP program. Our goal is to make the training fun, interesting, and useful! We also want to provide the space for participants to communicate with each other, share job postings, and post resources. In the 2024 cohort we are also planning to host at least one in-person networking opportunity. 

How do I register?

You can register here. After filling out the Google Form, the page will direct you to sign up for a Moodle Account. After signing up and confirming your email, you will be able to log in and add yourself to the CUSP 2024 course. Before the start of the course you will have access to “Announcements”, the rest of the course modules will open closer to the start date.

Will this year’s CUSP program be identical to last year’s?

Nope! While many of the same themes, science, and core components will be covered, each year we work to revamp our modules, presentations, and delivery. We will be using a new Learning Management System this year (Moodle), which will allow us to increase interactivity and engagement. Consistent with last year, the CUSP program will be delivered by David Wood (Executive Director) and Michele Berry (Stormwater Coordinator). We will also hold three (new) office hours featuring field experts, which will span three different themes, as a chance to answer questions and go further into the material.

Can I receive CEUs/PDHs for completing CUSP?

Upon completion of the 14 required CUSP components, all participants will receive a certificate of completion at no cost. This year, to provide added value to our program, we are piloting a partnership with Morgan State University to offer the option to also obtain CEUs/PDHs For those who for complete the CUSP certificate and are interested in obtaining formal CEUs or PDHs, they will be available for a small fee of $20 at the end of the program. Chesapeake Stormwater Network will cover the remaining 60% of the cost. 

Why is there a fee for CEUs/PDHs?

CUSP remains a free program, however, we have heard the desire for CSN to offer CEUs for more of its programming, including CUSP. CSN is committed to keeping CUSP as accessible as possible. We are asking participants who are interested in obtaining CEUs to pay a small nominal fee of $20 to help CSN offset the cost.  For comparison, for 1 credit, a local community college charges $125 for in-county residents, $425 for out of state residents (not including additional school fees). 

What if I tried CUSP last year but never finished?

We’d love for you to join CUSP this year! Each year we adjust our content and delivery to be up to date and increase engagement opportunities. In 2024, we are using a new learning management system. In addition, you will have a new cohort to interact with.

What if I don’t complete CUSP?

That’s okay! We understand that CUSP is a time commitment, and we believe that even if you are not able to complete the required number of engagements to receive a certificate, it will still be a valuable use of your time.

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