Stormwater Career Networking Event

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Stormwater Career Networking Event

This special hybrid event will be broadcast from this year’s Stormwater Partners Retreat and is open to all. The Inaugural Stormwater Career Networking Event will bring together stormwater professionals from governments, non-profits and the private sector to discuss career opportunities and lessons learned in stormwater and watershed management. The event will provide networking opportunities for all attendees to share their career journeys and exchange contact information and resources.

Please review the draft agenda and RSVP below for each session you would like to attend – you are welcome to pop in and out if you are only interested in certain sectors. Registration will be capped at 35 participants per session.


Each session will be lead by a representative from a different employment sector within the stormwater field (private sector/consulting, non-profits, and government). The session lead will give a 10-minute presentation on career opportunities in their sector, characteristics of successful candidates, and their perspective on what makes the stormwater field great.

Following each lead presentation, virtual participants will be split into 4 breakout rooms. Discussion prompts will be provided, and participants will be encouraged to network as the lead speaker rotates between breakout groups to answer questions.

2:00       Welcome and Introduction – David Wood (CSN)

David will give a brief introduction, including the goals for the event & logistics. David will also discuss how these sectors work together and create a diverse range of options for career pathways.

2:15       Session 1: Private Sector – Rebecca Winer-Skonovd (Biohabitats)

2:50       Session 2: Non-Profit Sector — Lori Lilly (Howard Ecoworks) Virtual

3:25       Session 3: Government Sector – Jonathan Champion (DOEE)

4:00       Session 4: Stormwater Careers Big Picture – Joe Battiata (VA DEQ, CSN President of the Board)

Joe has worked in every sector of the stormwater profession imaginable. He will take a step back and spend his 10-minute presentation on his perspectives on career opportunities in the sector. Virtual attendees will then be split into 4 breakout rooms for 5 minute “speed-dating” sessions. Each 5 minute rotation will be tied to a discussion prompt.