When? Monday, 22 March 2021, 11:00 am EDT - 12:30 pm EDT
Cost: FREE

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This session will focus on what Bay stakeholders want to see in the next generation of stormwater design criteria, using our #1 BMP (bioretention) as a case study. A panel of design gurus, both silverbacks and young guns, will present their recommendations on how to make our practices more effective, resilient and sustainable, as well as the best process to get them adopted at the local or state level. The webcast will be opened to all stormwater geeks to add their two cents to this important conversation.

Speakers: Dave Hirschman (HWE), Kelly Lindow (Cityscape Engineering (invited)), Jon Hathaway (UT-Knoxville), Ted Scott (SMC), Scott Crafton (VDOT Maintenance)