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[Chat Log] Understanding the New Chesapeake Bay Climate Change-Informed IDF Curves

Chat log with links and references from the August 12, 2021 webcast, "Understanding the New Chesapeake Bay Climate Change-Informed IDF Curves"
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[Recording] 2021 BUBBA Awards Ceremony

Event Overview: This virtual awards ceremony for the 5th edition of the Best Urban BMP in the Bay Awards has all the glamour of...
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[Recording] Climate Change and Extreme Rainfall: Translating Future Projections into More Resilient Urban Communities

Panel Overview: The panel will present the latest work on future climate projections and their implications for Bay stormwater managers. Experts will also review...
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[Recording] Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Resilient Design Considerations for Stormwater BMPs

Speakers: David Wood, CSN [----] Climate change is expected to alter the volume and distribution of precipitation across the Chesapeake Bay watershed in the...
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[Recording] Community-Led Project Planning

Speakers: Tim Schueler - Hazen and Sawyer Aileen Craig - The Nature Conservancy [----] An often-overlooked element of successful stormwater project implementation is meaningful...
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[Recording] Confronting DEIJ Issues in Urban Watersheds and Our Stormwater Profession

Panel Overview: This panel will explore diversity, equity, inclusion and environmental justice in the context of the stormwater management practice and profession. After a...
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[Recording] Finished and Unfinished Business in Stream Restoration

Panel Overview: CSN will synthesize what the four expert groups accomplished with the stream restoration protocols over the last two years. Next, an all-star...
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[Recording] Growing Your Watershed Stewardship Program: Part 1

Speakers: Sally Albright - Anne Arundel County Bureau of Watershed Protection and Restoration Suzanne Etgen - Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy Steve Raabe...
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[Recording] Growing Your Watershed Stewardship Program: Part 2

Speakers: Darcy Herman - Gunpowder Valley Conservancy Purnell Glen - Miramar Landing [----] Watershed restoration takes a village. By empowering community members to become...
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