Advanced Stormwater Design: Bioretention and Dry Swales Webcast

Advanced Stormwater Design: Bioretention and Dry Swales Webcast

Dave Hirschman, Center for Watershed Protection
Charlene Harper, Geosyntec
Cecilia Lane, Chesapeake Stormwater Network

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The Advanced Stormwater Design webcast series is for the fairly advanced designer or plan reviewer and the intent is to go above and beyond teaching basic stormwater design and rather, include the latest and greatest versions of the specs as they have evolved over time while presenting some tips and tricks from expert practitioners in the field for ensuring project success.


The webcast will include an overview of the key elements of design including feasibility, design features and variations, material specs and tips for designing the practice to reduce the maintenance burden. We will also include a simple design example, some unique design innovations for dealing with tough sites, identify the critical steps in construction inspection and highlight some of the key design differences in the Bay states.

Learn more about our handheld inspection ‘app’ here
Our friends at the North Carolina State University Stormwater Engineering Group have a lot more great publications that can be accessed here.

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