From the Mountains to the Sea Detailed Agenda

From the Mountains to the Sea Detailed Agenda

CSN and local partners conducted a FREE regional stormwater practitioner forum to meet the unique needs and challenges of communities in the Great Valley of the Bay watershed, which includes portions of WV, VA, MD and PA. Communities in the Great Valley face numerous challenges, including karst terrain, drinking water protection, and limited resources. CSN worked with local sponsors to host the event and showcase NFWF grantees and other who have successfully overcome these challenges.

The one-day meeting was held at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia and provided ample opportunities for feedback from locals and dialog among peers.

Thanks to all of our partners for making this forum a success!

Steering Committee:
Alana Hartman, West Virginia DEP
Sebastian Donner, West Virginia DEP
Matt Pennington, Region 9
Erin Yancey, City of Harrisonburg, Virginia
John Eckman, Friends of the North Fork
Brandon Davis, Northern Shenandoah Regional Commission
Stephanie Langton, Northern Shenandoah Regional Commission
Sara Hollberg, Valley Conservation Council
Karen Anderson, Friends of the Shenandoah River
Jake Reilly, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

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