Meeting the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Requirements for Industrial Sites in MD Webcast Recording

Meeting the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Requirements for Industrial Sites in MD Webcast Recording


Paul Hlavinka, Maryland Department of the Environment
Marjorie  Mewbourn, Maryland Department of the Environment
Ted Scott, Stormwater Maintenance & Consulting, LLC
Cecilia Lane, Chesapeake Stormwater Network

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Join us for the third webcast in our Industrial Stormwater webcast series. Following up on our last webcast on the Basics of the new MDE Industrial Stormwater Permit (12-SW), once again we will be joined by Paul Hlavinka from MDE and we will be discussing how to meet the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Requirements under the new MDE Industrial Stormwater Permit. Learn how to calculate the 20% impervious cover that is subject to the restoration requirements and how to do the nutrient accounting for different restoration actions taken on your site. We will also have ample time for Q&A for those last minute permit filing questions – remember you’re required to file your NOI and SWPPP by December 31, 2014!


The MS4 Implementers and the Bay TMDL webcast series is geared toward local government staff, consultants and state agency staff that have primary responsibility to find, design and build the green infrastructure and urban restoration practices needed to comply with the Bay TMDL and their MS4 permits. The training objective is to help them master the art and science of nutrient accounting and provide them with planning and design tools so that they can cost-effectively achieve urban sector load reductions under their local or state WIPs.

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