Non-Traditional Workers & the Stormwater Industry: A Conversation on Diversity and Inclusion

Non-Traditional Workers & the Stormwater Industry: A Conversation on Diversity and Inclusion

Join us to explore leveraging the gig economy to recruit non-traditional workers to the stormwater industry. We will discuss the role of diversity and inclusion in sparking innovation and resilience in this sector. Learn how this approach can attract diverse talent and how their unique perspectives can lead to richer stormwater management solutions. The talk provides a vision to overcome challenges faced by non-traditional workers through the gig economy and suggests strategies for their successful integration. Ultimately, it advocates for a paradigm shift in the industry to embrace diversity and the gig economy as key drivers for growth and sustainability.

Speakers Rebecca Stack, Principal of Designgreen, and Kala Fleming, Executive Director of Frontline Gig, discuss their collaboration piloting the use of on-demand, hourly field teams whose efforts are coordinated via a workforce development app. In this experience, all activities from recruiting to training, deployment and reporting are driven by digital workflows as work crews receive training and perform inspections and maintenance work to restore green spaces.

Speaker Bios:

Dr. Kala Fleming is an innovator and engineer on a mission to democratize green jobs.  She launched Frontline Gig to connect untapped, entry-level talent to the $3T green jobs ecosystem of workforce programs, apprenticeships and full-time work using paid hourly gigs.  In the process, her team is helping employers and training programs 10X reach and upskilling speed and enabling them to take a chance on more individuals who are coming to climate with non-traditional backgrounds.

Rebecca Stack is a civil engineer, educator, and the principal of Designgreen an engineering consultancy offering technical support services that layer ecological principles and engineering practices with outreach experience to revitalize the urban landscape and create resilient, environmentally aware communities.

Rebecca’s work is at the intersection of urban design and the protection of natural resources. During her tenure as a code official for the District of Columbia, she co-authored the city’s Stormwater Retention standards and its innovative Stormwater Retention trading market. In the private sector, Rebecca has worked on all aspects of stormwater management retrofits and compliance from planning and design to construction and maintenance. Her most recent work focuses on the integration of water quality and flood management with blue-green infrastructure and community engagement and the consensus design process on neighborhood scale urban resilience projects.

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