The Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award Webcast Recording

The Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award Webcast Recording

Tom Schueler & Cecilia Lane, Chesapeake Stormwater Network

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Last year, we hosted the first annual Best Urban BMP in Bay. The Best Urban BMP in the Bay Awards (BUBBAs) competition to recognize new and innovative BMPs implemented to deal with stormwater problems in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Groups and individuals submitted their BMP to one of six categories: Homeowner BMP, Innovative BMP, Combination of BMPs in a Series, Ultra-Urban BMP, Habitat Creation BMP, and Stream Restoration BMP.

This webcast will  highlight some of our favorite projects from last year, providing current, real-life examples of BMPs in the watershed. We will discuss various management and design strategies utilized in these projects. Additionally, if you’re interested in submitting your BMP to the BUBBAs for next year’s competition, this webcast will illuminate the qualities that made each of our first place winners stand out from the rest of the submissions. It’s not too early to start thinking about how you’re going to showcase your BMP on your application for the 2015 BUBBAs which will open in December of this year!

Check out this awesome residential rain garden design - a finalist in our first annual BUBBAs contest.
This rain garden won first place in the Homeowner BMP category in last year’s contest!

Our experience has been that peer to peer learning is a critical strategy to increase the acceptance and adoption of innovative practices at the local level. In addition, we like to recognize innovative approaches and local success stories. In our Innovations in Green Infrastructure webcast series we will hear from innovators in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed who will share their experiences on cross-cutting issues related to retrofit implementation and provide resources that other communities in the Bay watershed can use.

To enter your project, click on the link to the left or right here.

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